Hi, dear Donalee!
I'm going to show you the way I see our future website in the description below. Sorry for the delay, I really tried to finish this explainer as fast as I could.
Below are some main elements we're about to use
Feel free to ask anything else you probably won't find here. My goal is not to list everything and each detail before we started, but to figure out where are we going with you together and what we want to see in the end of our work.
Homepage header animated GIF video about mind, neurons etc.
I'm sure that we need to use it because it's very interesting and attractive. Moreover, we're trying to sell your Apps, so we need to show we're modern enough. Check please my latest GIF with similar purpose here https://mysolarbrick.com/ and see how it works.
Element we will use on Programs page to switch between programs
It's very easy to use. I love it because you always know where you are and what to do. See how it works on my website please here https://drawmelon.com/marketing
Element we will use to show your Paper & Pencil Exercises
I love this block because it allows to show MUCH more using same block size. Also it's attractive enough and contains description inside. See how it works on my website please here https://drawmelon.com/websites
Carousel we will use to show your Paper & Pencil Exercises under the header on the Homepage and inside of the appropriate category
Very eye catching element to show all your Exercises and Games and something another maybe. See how it works on the website which is currently under my construction here http://delta.clapsell.com/
The Gallery block we can use on the About Us and Your Stories page
It has two viewing modes. See how it works again here on http://delta.clapsell.com/service.php?id=7
Contact Form, Go to top button and Payment methods
See how they look again here on https://mysolarbrick.com/ on the bottom of the page. Contact form I'm showing you for you to know that we can put there something about your work.
Collapsing block for the different purposes
Actually we don't have FAQ page on our website, but we can use it in different places such as Symptoms List, Features List etc. Check how it works again here on https://mysolarbrick.com/ almost on the bottom of the page.